Academic Writing--Assignment #2 (Due November 2, 2009)


I'm giving you a head start on Assignment #2, which is due on November 2.

Select ONE of the following options:
Option #1:
Write a formal letter in response to the following advertisement in The Guardian, 15.10.2005 Include a request for further information regarding pay and conditions:




BSCN UK runs summer camps all over Europe for children between the ages of 10 and 14

We are currently looking for temporary staff: teachers, nurses, cooks, cleaners, general helpers, etc.

Please send your CV and the names of two referees to:
Ms Anne Widecombe, The Director, BSNC UK, PO Box 29, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS10 7OX.

Please include a short covering letter telling us:

--Where you heard about our organisation

--The type of work you are interested in

--The country (or countries) you would like to work in

--Your work experience and educational qualifications

--Why you believe you would be suitable

--The dates when you will be available

For this assignment, issues to consider:
--What is your reason for writing?

--What kind(s) of work could you do/would you like to do?

--What experience do you have—if any—of such work?

--Think of two reasons you would be suitable to work with children in a Summer Camp.

--What information will you include in your first paragraph?

--What information will your second paragraph contain?

--What information will your third paragraph contain?

--What additional information would you like the director to send you?

--How will you form your salutation and sign-off?

Option #2:
As the university continues working on developing its credit transfer system (in accordance with the Bologna Accords), one would expect some growing pains (for example, the influx of additional students and the recent student demonstrations). From a foreigner’s perspective, these are interesting times in Macedonia—while possibly vexing for Macedonian students and faculty.

Your assignment:

Dr. Gerald Siegel, a Professor of English, a scholar, and Fulbright Professor in Macedonia (in 1988-1989 and again in 2004-2005), is conducting research on the changing landscape of Macedonian higher education and the Bologna Accords; he has been interviewing your professors and other people connected with the educational system in Macedonia, including some private university professors and administrators.

However, he would now like to see the student perspective on the educational changes and how these changes are affecting university students.

Therefore, write Dr. Siegel a formal letter (American style), using one of the templates on the website , in which you reveal (from your perspective) how the educational changes, positive, maybe positive, and negative, are affecting students and overall university education in Macedonia.

Keep in mind that this letter is being addressed to someone who has no power to effect change in Macedonia, so you are not setting out to persuade Dr. Siegel to take a position on the issues surrounding the changes; you are simply imparting information to him so that he can incorporate your views into a scholarly paper, which will be written from a neutral point of view. Thus, while you may feel passionate about these issues, your register should be formal and neutral (non-laudatory and non-accusatory).

Use the following paragraph format:
Paragraph 1:
Introduce yourself (I will give you part of this one for free!)
I am__________________, a ______ year student at the State University of Skopje at the Faculty of Philology, where I am studying ____________________. I am grateful for the opportunity to offer my perspective on the changes in higher education in Macedonia because _____________________________.
Paragraph 2:
Discuss the educational changes that seem to be working well and why you believe they are good for Macedonian university students. Offer specific examples (In other words, do not be vague).
Paragraph 3:
Discuss the educational changes that, with some further development, could work well and why you believe they might eventually be good for Macedonian university students. Offer specific examples.
Paragraph 4:
Discuss the educational changes that do NOT seem to be working well and why you believe they are NOT good for Macedonian students. Offer specific examples.
Paragraph 5:
Write a one- or two- sentence remark that returns the reader to the positive tone of paragraph 2.
Paragraph 6:
Call for action, for example,

If you need any further comments or clarifications, please write or email me at the address in the heading. I look forward to reading your completed scholarly paper on the changing educational system in Macedonia.
In reality, Dr. Siegel does plan to incorporate in his paper the information that you offer him; however, your specific identities will remain confidential.

Dr. Siegel’s formal title and U.S. address:

Professor Gerald Siegel, Professor of English, Department of English and Humanities, York College of Pennsylvania, 441 Country Club Road, York, PA 17403, USA
(Disclosure: Dr. Siegel is my spouse.)

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