Here is a general idea of plans for the coming semester. Of course, any such list must be subject to change, but any such modifications will be announced in class and/or via e-mail. It is important that you prepare, that you attend class, and that you participate actively. You can expect "pop quizzes" at any time during the semester. These quizzes may NOT be made up. Should you encounter any difficulties during the semester, please see me as soon as possible, not during the last two weeks of classes (see Section II: "Important Notes.")


--Annas, Pamela and Robert C. Rosen. Literature and Society: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Non-fiction, 4th ed. Upper Saddle River (NJ): Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2007.

--Hersey, John. Hiroshima, Vintage Books, 1989.

--Burdick, Eugene and Harvey Wheeler. Fail Safe. New York: Harper Perennial. 1999.

--Any up-to-date dictionary


--This webpage/syllabus

--Links to other websites

--Handouts and assignment sheets to be distributed as needed.

--Possible E-Reserves at Schmidt Library

For the literary readings, ALWAYS read and try to answer the questions at the end; they will help toward your understanding of the readings. If you have any questions/concerns, e-mail or see me after class.


Class Schedule for LIT160 (Tuesday-Thursday, 3:30 - 4:45)

Week 1

1/22: No Class. Late scheduling and New Student Orientation.

1/24: Distribution of syllabus. NOTE: You are responsible for reading this website version of the syllabus thoroughly and, when necessary, asking questions. Growing Up and Growing Older: "Girl," Jamaica Kincaid, 67-69, and "Yours," Mary Robison or,9668,1606980-,00.utf8.html.

Week 2

1/29: "Kinds of Writing," 19-22; "Critical Reading Journal," 22-27; "How Fiction Works," 1467-1482. Growing Up and Growing Older: From "The Bluest Eye," Toni Morrison, 69-72.

REMINDER: Drop/Add ends on 1/30.

1/31: Growing Up and Growing Older (continued): "A Mistaken Charity," Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, 140-150. "How Poetry Works," 1483-1512. "Ex-Basketball Player," John Updike, 166-167; "the mother," Gwendolyn Brooks, 162-163; "Undertaker," Patricia Smith, 181-184, and "Danner Walked the Walk" (Obituary handout).

Week 3

2/5: Growing Up and Growing Older (continued): "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," T.S. Eliot, 168-172.

2/7: "How Non-fiction Works," 1527-1534. Growing Up and Growing Older (continued): "No Name Woman," Maxine Hong Kingston, 265-274; "Gun Crazy," Dorothy Allison, 291-295; and "Leap," Brian Doyle, 1119-1121.

Week 4

2/12: The American Dream: "Harlem," Langston Hughes, 1286; Read play: The Piano Lesson, August Wilson, Act I, 808-843. Begin VIDEO.

2/14: The American Dream (continued): Read play: The Piano Lesson, August Wilson, Act II, 843-879. Finish video. Begin discussion.

Week 5

2/19: The American Dream (continued): Finish discussion of The Piano Lesson.

2/21: Growing Up and Growing Older (continued): "Touch Me," The Doors, and, "Touch Me," Stanley Kunitz,; "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night," Dylan Thomas, 194.

Week 6

2/26 & 2/28: Spring Break

Week 7

3/4: UNIT TEST #1 (0-100 POINTS): "GROWING UP AND GROWING OLDER" and "THE AMERICAN DREAM." "Writing Under Pressure: The Essay Exam," 17-19 (See also Section IV of this packet).

3/6: "How Drama Works," 1513-1526. Women and Men: "Trifles," Susan Glaspell, 551-564.

Week 8

3/11: Women and Men (continued): "Hills Like White Elephants," Ernest Hemingway, 320-324; "Cinderella," Olga Broumas, 397-398; "I Want a Wife," Judy Brady, 569-572.

3/13: Money and Work: "I Stand Here Ironing," Tillie Olsen, 588-594.

Week 9

3/18: LITERARY JOURNAL SUBMISSION #1 (0-100 POINTS): "GROWING UP AND GROWING OLDER," "THE AMERICAN DREAM," and "WOMEN AND MEN," by 10:00 p.m., submitted as an MSWord file (See Section III.E of this packet), OR by the beginning of class for print versions. Money and Work (continued): "Ballad of the Landlord," Langston Hughes, 685-687; "Ella, in a square apron, along Highway 80," Judy Grahn, 672-674; and "MIKE LEFEVRE: Who Built the Pyramids?" Studs Terkel, 929-937."

3/20: Easter Break.

Week 10

3/25: Money and Work (continued): "Everyday Use," Alice Walker, 654-662; "So Mexicans Are Taking Jobs From Americans," Jimmy Santiago Baca, 676-679.

3/27: No class. I will be attending a professional conference.

Week 11

4/1: Varieties of Protest: Read: "The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner," Alan Sillitoe, Parts I-II,1204-1222. Begin Video.

4/3: Varieties of Protest (continued): "The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner," Alan Sillitoe, Part III, 1222-1232. Video (finish).

Week 12

4/8: Varieties of Protest (continued): "The Loneliness of the Long-distance Runner," Alan Sillitoe, Discussion. Biography and Background on Alan Sillitoe.

4/10: Varieties of Protest (continued): Sylvia Plath video and discussion.

Week 13

4/15: "Daddy," Sylvia Plath, 1292-1294; "Edge" (handout), Sylvia Plath; "The Lovepet," Ted Hughes, 394-396.

4/17: UNIT TEST #2 (0-100 POINTS): "WOMEN AND MEN," "MONEY AND WORK," and "VARIETIES OF PROTEST" (Review Section IV of this packet).

Week 14

4/22: Peace and War: "August 2026, There Will Come Soft Rains," Ray Bradbury, 946-951; Begin Hiroshima, by John Hersey, read chapters 1-3.

4/24: Peace and War (continued): Finish discussion of Hiroshima, by John Hersey, read chapters 4-5. (For voluntary a.m. conferences on 11/15, sign up on the conference sheet).

Week 15

4/29: Peace and War (continued): Begin reading Fail-Safe, by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler, chapters 1-5. Begin video: Fail-Safe.

5/1: Peace and War (continued): Read Fail-Safe, by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler, chapters 6-13. Finish video: Fail Safe. Discussion.

Week 16

5/6: Peace and War (continued): Read Fail-Safe, by Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler, chapters 14-23 (end). Finish discussion of Fail-Safe. The Cold War connection. "The Man I Killed," Tim O’Brien, 979-984; "In Response to Executive Order 9066: ALL AMERICANS OF JAPANESE DESCENT MUST REPORT TO RELOCATION CENTERS," Dwight Okita, 999-1001.

5/8: LITERARY JOURNAL SUBMISSION #2 (0-100 POINTS): "MONEY AND WORK," VARIETIES OF PROTEST, "PEACE AND WAR" and "PROTEST SONGS" (See Section III.F of this packet). Due by 10:00 p.m. as an MSWord attachment. Protest Songs: "Plane Wreck at Los Gatos (Deportees)," Woody Guthrie, 711-712. Handouts: "The Merry Minuet," Sheldon Harnick, and "The Moral Majority," Doug Mayfield.

Final exam period

5/15: FINAL EXAM (0-100 POINTS): (Review Section IV of this packet.) at 3:30 in our regular classroom.

* * * Please note that the final exam period is scheduled for the very last exam slot; I do not make up the final exam schedule, so do not complain to me. However, you are bound to this final exam slot, for I will NOT reschedule or give early exams for ANY reason. If this schedule does not work for you, then you may use this exam as your *dropped* grade; otherwise, it is your responsibility to make your final exam your top priority. * * *

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